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There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting others up.” When we started the McKinsey Foundation, we always asked.. will our efforts make a difference?, and may be as you read this today, you are thinking..
Will my contribution make a difference?
Well, here is what we have learned, collectively, our contributions make a huge difference.
Children, the smallest, weakest and most vulnerable, are often those that pay the greatest price from poverty. Although we often miss their hardship, God does not. Join us in caring for the abandoned children in Uganda!
Our mission at McKinsey Foundation is to love, serve and restore hope to abandoned children in Uganda. Your contribution matters.

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Our Story

In brief..

When McKinsey went to meet Jesus on February 2, 2015, none of us
could have predicted the legacy of hope, faith, and love that she had left behind.
McKinsey had a conviction in her heart to serve the abandoned children in Uganda.
She had made plans to return permanently, to live in Uganda and adopt Ugandan
children to raise them there as her own. (18 of them to be exact).
5 months after she passed,
I traveled to Uganda to see what she saw and fell in love with.
It quickly became clear to me why she had been called there. I firmly believe
that God knew all along McKinsey would never return to Uganda, but he was in fact
using her legacy to move me like he had not been able to do before. As a child, I had
a dream of buying a neighborhood and “staffing” each home in the neighborhood
with house parents that would serve as parents for children that didn’t have any.
I knew kids that were in foster care and their stories always left me
feeling like I should do something.
As I got older, life intervened and I lost focus on that dream.
Since McKinsey’s passing, God has reawakened that dream, or a form of that
dream deep in my soul. What started out as me and others sharing McKinsey’s story
and telling about the children living on the streets in Uganda, abandoned to fend
for themselves has quickly taken on a life of its own.
The McKinsey Foundation was opened in her honor..
To love, serve and restore hope to abandoned children in Uganda.

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We are a Non-Profit Organization serving Children in Uganda

Watch Our Story

Our story and now our mission, to love, serve and restore hope to abandoned children in Uganda.

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Your Gift Today Can Help
Change A Child’s Future.

“Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child isn’t.” – J.B
Join us to feed and educate children in need.

To give hope for a better future.

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Help us help even more families in need

One of the breathtaking sights is seeing how beautiful these children are. And to think that there are more more children like them who can’t afford to go to school is heart breaking.
We want to support more abandoned children get an education that can change their futures. Join us to make a change!

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Help a child access basic education, get scholastic materials and a breakfast at school.

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