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Welcome to the McKinsey Foundation, where every act of kindness becomes a ray of hope for the children of Uganda.
Our story begins with McKinsey, a brave soul with a dream as big as her heart: to provide a loving home for 18 orphaned children in Uganda.
Though her journey was cut short, her legacy lives on through this work.
In the face of poverty’s harshest toll on the smallest and most vulnerable, we refuse to turn a blind eye. With your support, we offer more than just assistance; we offer the promise of a brighter tomorrow.Join us as we write the next chapter of McKinsey’s story.
Your generosity not only changes lives but embodies the very spirit of compassion and resilience.
Together, we’re rewriting the narrative for Uganda’s children—one smile, one hug, one donation at a time. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.

[ Thank you! ] Gorette's House... Completed!

In brief…
Gorette is a mother of six children, ranging in age from fifteen to two years old…
in Bugangari village, Western Uganda. When her husband had died in 2019 and she wasn’t sure how
she would make it, she began having thoughts of suicide but pushed on. Although it took her until December
of 2020 to pay off the debt from his burial, She did it from sweat and hard work in other people’s gardens.
And then the rainy season came and washed away her mud home. She again had thoughts of suicide.
She had been trying to construct a wood home on her own, from pieces of wood she had been collecting,
but had run out of money for nails. The simple structure has a door but no lock. She uses a hoe to lock herself
and the children inside while they sleep and a rope to tie it shut while they are away.
When we went to visit, money in hand for nails, someone had already stolen her wood.
There was no need for nails. Besides, whatever she built from wood would only be eaten by the ants in a short time.
She told us of how she was so excited when she heard Amos could come and pick up food provided by
The McKinsey Foundation for her family for Christmas. But was devastated when Amos returned home with no rice.
Amos has a little trouble walking steady & had dropped the bag of rice, spilling it all over the ground on his way home.
It was this time that she felt everything was working against her and she was really thinking of sucide.
Gorette showed us where her home used to be and how the best she could do right now
to put a roof over their heads…was to sleep with the goats.
Full Story…

[ Now ] We Are Building, For Two Families!

The heavy rains that started September 2023 led to the collapse of a few houses of our families, we are urgently responding...

Meet Airet Ndinawe,

She has endured immense hardship, but she perseveres for her five children. After losing her husband to HIV/AIDS last year, Airet was left to shoulder the family’s debts and raise the kids alone. Still, she pressed on with strength and grace. But when heavy rains collapsed their home in September, it was almost too much for Airet to bear. With three of her children supported by the McKinsey Foundation, she found momentary relief. Yet seeing the ruins of their house broke this mother’s heart. Through the generosity of a kind neighbor, Airet’s family now has temporary shelter. But they cannot impose for long, and the children need stability to continue their education. We seek your compassion to rebuild and restore hope for this family. Any amount given will provide materials so talented local builders can construct a sturdy, safe home resistant to storms. With your support, Airet will no longer worry about where her children will sleep at night. Let us come together and lift this strong mother up during her time of need. Please open your heart today to help a family rise from the ashes.

Meet Ahurira Shine,

A 10-year-old girl with big dreams of finishing school and lifting her family out of poverty.
But Shine’s future is threatened by the dilapidated state of her home. Heavy rains and hail recently destroyed the roof, leaving the walls crumbling.
Shine, her five siblings, and her mother Annet have no protection from the elements. They all live in constant fear of what will happen if their house collapses entirely. Annet works tirelessly in people’s gardens to barely scrape together meals for her children. But her wages are not enough to rebuild their home. Shine’s father disappeared long ago, leaving the family without a stable income. By supporting this campaign, you have the power to change Shine’s story. A decent, sturdy home would give Shine safety and hope for a brighter tomorrow. She dreams of staying in school and making her family proud. But without shelter from the rains, even basic survival becomes difficult. Let’s come together and rebuild this house. Any amount helps provide materials so carpenters can start work immediately. With your compassion, this family will sleep soundly knowing they are protected. Let’s give Shine the foundation for the life she deserves.


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Our Story

In brief..
When McKinsey went to meet Jesus on February 2, 2015, none of us
could have predicted the legacy of hope, faith, and love that she had left behind.
McKinsey had a conviction in her heart to serve the abandoned children in Uganda.
She had made plans to return permanently, to live in Uganda and adopt Ugandan
children to raise them there as her own. (18 of them to be exact).


5 months after she passed,
I traveled to Uganda to see what she saw and fell in love with.
It quickly became clear to me why she had been called there. I firmly believe
that God knew all along McKinsey would never return to Uganda, but he was in fact
using her legacy to move me like he had not been able to do before. As a child, I had
a dream of buying a neighborhood and “staffing” each home in the neighborhood
with house parents that would serve as parents for children that didn’t have any.
I knew kids that were in foster care and their stories always left me
feeling like I should do something.


As I got older, life intervened and I lost focus on that dream.
Since McKinsey’s passing, God has reawakened that dream, or a form of that
dream deep in my soul. What started out as me and others sharing McKinsey’s story
and telling about the children living on the streets in Uganda, abandoned to fend
for themselves has quickly taken on a life of its own.
The McKinsey Foundation was opened in her honor..
To love, serve and restore hope to abandoned children in Uganda.


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One of the breathtaking sights is seeing how beautiful these children are. 
And to think that there are more more children like them who can’t afford to go to school is heart breaking.
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Our story is now our mission, to love, serve and restore hope to abandoned children in Uganda.

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