A Life Lived Full

A Life Lived Full

Date: 10 Aug, 2016  No Comments

I have been deeply inspired and greatly humbled by the Life of McKinsey Cook, she lived 20 years on earth and now, she lives in our hearts. The hearts of all those she touched.

My Comfort is in knowing that l have a friend in heaven.

May be, its not about how many years we live but how much life is in those years. Because clearly, she lived full and achieved so much within a short time. For just a week that she was in Uganda, she won our hearts over. Her loving spirit, joyful heart, passion and the way she loved Jesus cannot and will never be forgotten. She did not always seek her own way in things, she always looked out for God’s way.


Through the many conversations we had, l am inspired by how she would not let any distraction stand in her way of pursuing Jesus. How she passionately put full effort in answering God’s call on her life. And had the willingness to put everything aside to come to Uganda and serve children on the streets, Love them like Jesus would and give them hope of a better future through knowing Jesus.


She was whole-heartedly committed to changing the lives of the children in Uganda. That speaks a lot about what a giving, kind and selfless heart she had. She may not have met like a zillion people, But those she knew or those who knew about her, she deeply impacted. She had a heart for anyone and everyone who didn’t know the Lord.

Hearing of how 21 people gave their lives to Jesus because of her story is so profound. I can’t imagine what kind of celebration she had up there. This is exactly what she lived for. It’ss like for every year she lived, she brought someone to Jesus and gave heaven one extra to make 21. Her legacy will live forever. She radiated with love and always shared her wisdom with grace.

May be it’s not about having it all figured out. But saying Yes to Jesus. Everyday counting on Jesus and not on our own abilities. Always remembering that Grace say’s you cannot “out-sin” the price Jesus paid! and  it’s never too late to step into what God has for you. Surely, you can’t live to full potential without first saying YES to Jesus.

Her life has caused me to ask myself these five questions!!

  1. Am l living full?
  2. l am seeking my own way in life or Jesus’ plan for my life?
  3. Do l know that my days are numbered?
  4. Do l live each day with purpose?
  5. What legacy l am creating?

To McKinsey Cook:

Thank you for inspiring us with your life, impacting us with your wisdom and showing us how to love. You will forever live in our hearts.

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