Get An “M” Car Window Sticker!

Get An “M” Car Window Sticker!

Many of McKinsey’s friends, myself and her sister got M tattoo’s not just to remind us of McKinsey, but also for others to see it and ask what it meant, so we could then share her story. I can’t tell you what an incredible feeling it was to have when the mama’s and the children in the village that the McKinsey Foundation supports, realized that I too wear the M on my arm just as they wear it on their shirts.

The ties that bind me to these children can never be broken. We share a guardian angel, one that has given us all a renewed hope in a better future by sharing the love of Jesus with others.

At the McKinsey Foundation, our mission is to love, serve and give hope to children in Uganda that have been abandoned by the rest of the world. We do this by sending them to school, ensuring they have food to eat and by loving them unconditionally. We are currently working to add additional children in need to the program as well as to ensure we can continue to care for the 85 we have already committed to. The need is simply tremendous.

If you would like to join us on this journey, please consider purchasing an M car window sticker for $10. They come in blue and in white. To place your order, please send us an email on or call on +1 (803) 331-8336.

Donate and help us to purchase scholastic materials for now 60 children in the village of Bugangari who are going to school, 40 for the very first time and 20 continuing pupils. Your contribution makes a huge difference.

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