Join Us To Change A Small Village

Join Us To Change A Small Village

Just one sight of a homeless kid on the streets of Kampala is enough to break your heart for them. Very young children are abandoned on the street and left to figure out life on their own. They go without food and water for days. Honestly, no one deserves such a beating out of life.

This is where we come in. Through our pattern-ship with GENEROUS people like you, we are helping children find hope and love and provide a way for them to start attending a local school, which protects them from coming to the harsh reality of the Kampala schools.

We invite you to partner with us through donating to help many abandoned children find hope and build a better future. We are eager to share with you some of the moving stories of how your donation goes a long way.

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty for it deprives the soul of sense of value. Sad as it is, hundreds of children are faced with this dark reality in Uganda. Our mission at McKisney Foundation is to love, serve and restore hope to abandoned children in Uganda. And through your donation, we can change a child’s future.

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