Get to know the kids on the street.

Get to know the kids on the street.

Every child on the street has a valid reason for being there, for some it is as a result of losing their parents or being mistreated at home, others were abandoned to take care of themselves.  Also due to ahigh degree of polygamy in some families, parents are un-able to care for their kids and end up negleting them to fend for themselves, these children find it hard to live in an environment they are not cared for and move to the city in search of a place they think they can thrive, the other portion is deceived by their friend into running away from home in search for better opportunities in the City of Kampala.

Whatever the reason, the undeniable truth is that these children are on the street because someone never showed them how valuable and loved they are. At McKinsey Foundation, we are determined to do whatever we can to love & serve these children as we find ways to ressetle them into their communitites and provide means for them to thrive in such environments through facilitating their education and partnering with their care takers to meet their basic needs. Join us to change this harsh reality for these children through serving a.nd investing in them now to build a better future for them and the nation of Uganda.

Life on the street can be quite challenging, since these children have to strive to find security, food, shelter, and later alone survive disease. The need is immense but a mountain is moved one stone at a time. So we can meet the need one life at a time. Donate today and 100% of your donation will directly go to helping a child find food, shelter and health care.


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One of our big goals is to build a school in the village of Bugangari. 

The infrastructure for education in the villages is lacking.  In fact, today only 2 very small primary schools exist in the village of Bugangari in western Uganda, so they do not have enough room for all of the children in the village to attend school even if we could raise enough money to sponsor each of them. Our goal is to build a school large enough for the local children to all have an opportunity to attend school.  Estimated Building fund = $100,000